Slic3r vs Cura

This is a comparison of the 3D model slicers Cura and Slic3r using the Astroprint cloud slicer function.(Cura 10.09 and Slic3r 1.1.7)

We’ll go over several different aspects including: File Size, Bridging, Positive Features, Negative Features, Overhangs, Slicing Time, and Overall Quality. The slicing settings were the default ones that were set by Astroprint for the Printrbot Simple Metal. The gcode used can be found here. The stl files used are provided at each section.

File Size: Slic3r wins

Slic3r: Average file size for tests was 2.8mb.

Cura: Average file size for tests was 3.4mb.

Bridging: Cura wins

Slicers (7)

Positive Features: Slic3r wins

Slicers (3) Slicers (4)

Negative Features:  Cura wins

Slicers (2)

Overhangs: Slic3r wins

Slicers (5)Slicers (6)

Slicing Time: Cura wins

Slic3r: Took 2:21 to slice with default settings (with the exception of changing the layer height to .1mm)

Cura: Took 1:06 to slice with default settings

Overall Quality: Tie

Slicers (9)Slicers (1)Slicers (10)

Features: Slic3r wins

Slic3r: Slic3r has direct octoprint upload, more infill types, and more customization overall.

Cura: Cura has plugin support, and youmagine upload.

Overall Winner: Slic3r

I suppose there is a reason that Printrbot’s suggested slicer is Slic3r 😉 There are obviously tons of different settings that can be tweaked, so don’t take this as a final word. Thanks for taking a look!


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